About me

Born in 1985, Darwin, Northern Territory. I have 2 older siblings, both whom I admire more than I can write about. My parents are my everything.
Single parent of Alexandra, December 2004, 5 weeks early. Becoming a mother was the most un expected, life changing moment of my adult life. Yet I was barely an adult when it happened. I struggled through severe postnatal depression and now have a constant battle dealing with depression and anxiety.
 I have learnt a lot of life’s lessons the hard way and am often describe as an intelligent, knowledgeable young lady. I have also been described as a complete bitch as well. Both are OK with me, I value honesty and truly believe in paying it forward. I have gotten to where I am today by the help from others and believe where possible. One should always help out if they can.
I am a beginner blogger. I also have a full time career managing a local electrical contracting company. Most days we leave the house at 7:00am and don’t get home till 5:00pm and I fall into bed as an exhausted heap. Keep this in mind next time something I write doesn’t make sense. That’s probably why.
I as a rule don’t proof read my posts, I write as the thoughts come out of my head, I think, I feel, I write, I type. Of course if ever asked to blog about something I would of course proof read.
Why StrippedBare? Because thats what I want people to see (read) the stripped back version of me, not afraid to bare my soul

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